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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Colin Fox Condemns Prescription Charge Rise

Colin Fox MSP has today put down a question to the Scottish Parliament condemning the further 15 pence rise in prescription charges. Colin's bill to totally scrap the charges was disgracef ully voted down in the parliament despite the backing of the health committee and a broad range of professional organisations.

Daily Record


PRESCRIPTION charges are set to rise in Scotland.

It was announced yesterday that prices south of the Border would go up by 15p to £6.65 from April 1.

Scotland has kept rises in line with England for the past five years and sources said the policy would continue.

The Scottish increases are likely to be announced within days.

Prescription prepayment certificates will also be hit.

In England, they will go up to £34.65 for four months or £95.30 for 12 months.

A Scottish Executive spokeswoman said: "We will be making an announcement on prescription item charges shortly."

Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox introduced a Bill into the Scottish parliament earlier this year which would have ended prescription charges.

Health Minister Andy Kerr said that although nine out of 10 prescriptions are free, scrapping charges could cost up to £245million a year.

In January, MSPs voted against scrapping the charges. Instead, they backed plans for an overhaul of NHS drugs policy.

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